ABRCT Automatic Cat Feeder Video Type,

HD Camera (4L)

$129.00 USD 

This automatic cat feeder has a high-definition camera + APP remote customized feeding plan that helps when pets are unattended when the owner is out. You can use the camera and microphone to interact with the pet anytime, talk to them, and observe their health condition. The camera can take pictures or record pet videos and could be saved to the mobile phone to preserve the beautiful moments of your furry child.

Size:                            13.7 x 8 x 7.9 inches

Food Grain Size:          2-12 (mm)

Weight:                         3.85pounds

Capacity:                     4L

Feeding Tray Material: Stainless Steel


The goal of our products is to enrich pets' life, give them nutritious meals, and live a healthy and happy life.

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Cat Feeder

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Anti-Jamming Design

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Stays Fresh
No Moisture

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Steel Food Tray




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Dual Power


High-Definition Camera


The new generation of feeders has a high-definition camera + app, and a customized pet feeding program, giving cat owners less anxiety and worry when they go out. Owners can use the camera and microphone, to observe, talk, take pictures, or record videos to preserve pets' beautiful moments.

Set Time and Set Portion


The perfect combination. It has remote app control, 4L large-capacity automatic feeder, two modes of feeding, scheduled feeding + manual feeding. It schedules up to 10 meals a day, up to 12 servings, about 10g each, satisfies pets' daily needs, allows owners to go on short-term business trips or vacations, and keeps pets healthy.

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Automatic Voice Broadcast during mealtime

Keep your pet excited when it is meal time! Press and hold the "Record" button to record a voice message. The message will be played every scheduled feeding time so that the pet can develop the habit of listening to the sound and eating.


Stainless Steel Food Tray

The pet feeder's double bayonet stainless steel food tray prevents displacement, cleans easily, doesn't produce black chins easily, and protects the pets' health.


Anti-Jamming Design

The cat feeder uses a double anti-jamming design to solve the troubling issue of food jamming. It has a two-way induction and a 45-degree steep slope design to ensure unimpeded food delivery. It is suitable for several dry pet foods of 2-12 mm.


Moisture-Proof and Freshness-Preserving

1. High-quality dust-proof cover to isolate the air and prevent food oxidation.

2. The lid of the feeder has a desiccant bag to preserve freshness, and protect pets' health.

3. Unique outlet design seals the food airtight and keeps the food away from bitings.


How To Use the Feeder


1. Download the exclusive app to connect the feeder to Wi-Fi and use your smartphone to manage all the functions of the feeder.

2. Set the number of meals and portions, and add them to the feeding plan.


3. Because of the dual power supply design, there is no need to worry about power failure, and the feeder work regularly according to the feeding plan.

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