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Automatic Cat Feeder, Customizable times(3L)

$54.00 USD 

ABRCT Automatic Cat Feeder. Customizable meal times and portions to help you care for your pet. With an easy-to-use LCD screen, you can quickly set it up according to your pet's age, weight, and activity. Your pet is fed at regular intervals and can feel safe and connected to you through your voice recordings. Even when you are away, feeding calls are made.

Size:       7.16 x 7.16 x 11.1 inches

Weight:   3.5pounds



The goal of our products is to enrich pets' life, give them nutritious meals, and live a healthy and happy life.

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Cat Feeder

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Stays Fresh

No Moisture

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Support Variety of Cat Food

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Active Sound 
During Meal Time

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Dual Power


Automatic Cat Feeder


3L large-capacity automatic cat feeder. Schedules up to 4 meals a day, up to 9 servings, about 8g each. It satisfies pets' daily needs, eating regularly, allows owners to go on short-term business trips or vacations, and keeps pets healthy. This setting eases daily and short-distance travel needs as adult cats and small dogs eat about 80-120g of dry food a day.


Voice Recording

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Protecting Cat Food

Lock the screen automatically, and put it into the dark screen mode to save power. Don't worry about pets getting food by pressing the feed button. Tighten the snaps so that pets cannot open the feeder cover on their own.


Dual Power Supply

The timing feeder adopts the dual power supply design of USB and battery power supply. It has a built-in emergency power supply system. It automatically switches to battery mode when the power is turned off while not affecting the feeding plan.


Our Guarantee