Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera, Wi-Fi Plus (6L)


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Food Bowl Visibility: Check the food in the food bowl whenever you want.

Anti-Jamming Design: Two-way induction and a 45-degree steep slope design to ensure unimpeded food delivery. 

6L Large Capacity: Keeping pets fed while you're away, and includes a desiccant bag to lock the freshness.

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ipet automatic cat feeder
Food Bowl Visibility

Food Bowl Visibility

This product allows you to customize the pet's feeding plan through the HHOLOVE APP, it will take a picture of the food bowl after the food dispensing is completed and send a notification with a snapshot to the user. Also, you can check the amount of food in the food bowl whenever you want.

Anti-Jamming Design

The cat feeder uses a double anti-jamming design to solve the troubling issue of food jamming. It has two-way induction and a 45-degree steep slope design to ensure unimpeded food delivery. 

Anti-Jamming Design
Moisture-Proof and Freshness-Preserving

Moisture-Proof and

The device has a high-quality dust-proof cover to isolate the air and prevent food oxidation. The lid has a desiccant bag to preserve the freshness to protect the health of pets. A unique outlet design seals the food airtight and keeps the food away from bitings.

6L Large Capacity

6L Automatic Pet Feeder will keep pets fed while you're away. Freshness in Every Bite. This feeder includes a desiccant bag, which locks the freshness to keep food fresh and crunchy. 1-4 meals per day and up to 10 portions (10-120g/portion setup)per meal. 

6L Large Capacity
Stainless Steel Food Tray

Stainless Steel Food Tray

It is suitable for a variety of dry pet foods of 2-13 mm. The double bayonet stainless steel food tray prevents displacement, is easy to clean, and also avoids black chins.

Dual Power Supply

The timing feeder adopts the dual power supply design of USB and battery power supply. It has a built-in emergency power supply system and automatically switches to battery mode when the power is turned off while not affecting the feeding plan.

Dual Power Supply

How To Use the Feeder

1. Download the HHOLOVE app to connect the feeder to Wi-Fi. You can use your smartphone to manage all the functions of the feeder.

1st HHOLOVE feeder use guide

2. Set the number of meals and the corresponding portions, and add them to the feeding plan.

2ed HHOLOVE feeder use guide
3rd HHOLOVE feeder use guide

3. Because of the dual power supply design, there is no need to worry about power failure. The feeder works regularly according to the feeding plan.


Our Guarantee

When using the feeder, you can contact us if you have any questions. We will provide a satisfactory answer within 24 hours and give a one-year warranty service.

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