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HHOLOVE is a smart pet supplies brand based on the concept of HHO digitization. We revere every progress of science and technology! We are committed to enhancing the daily experiences of pet families by creating a simple and pleasant home through our digitalized solutions.

"Love from the owner is the best love."


Our team visited many pet families and learned that not only are boarding services expensive, but cats can also become uncomfortable and even stressed in foster care. HHOLOVE has the answer to the most pressing need of contemporary pet families - how to not interfere with their pets' daily routines during owners' temporary overtime, short business trips and long vacations. We launched the iPet solution, which provides remote intelligent control capability for various scenarios such as feeding, watering and poop scooping. HHOLOVE believes that the love from the owner is the best love for the pet. With our products, we can save your cat from being placed in an environment it is unfamiliar with and help pet families to still take good care of their fur kids during work and travel.

Our members are the best from all walks of life:

the hardware design team has won many awards in iF, Red Dot and IDEA, and our digitalization team has delivered world class intelligent working platform that are serving 400 million users globally.

Awards In History

Our media team works closely with the media and social partners to solve issues regarding pets' life conditions. We aim to support with high-tech and healthy living styles for both humans and pets.

Customer Service:
(please allow 48 hours to reply your emails.)

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